Can i install windows 7 32 bit on a dell e521

I have a Dell E521 and I am looking to upgrade to Windows 7. I am currently running the 32 bit version of Windows Vista. Furthermore, I have the 32 bit version and wanted to know if there are any compatibility issues that I should be aware of. Thanks ahead of time for any responses.
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  1. If you are currently running Vista, there's no reason you wouldn't be able to install Windows 7. I would run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to identify any major compatibility problems, but you'll probably be fine.
  2. Tgoff1981,

    The_Prophecy is correct -- to determine if your current computer configuration will be compatible with Windows 7 please go to the following link:

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  3. This might help also:

    SecurAble probes the system's processor to determine the presence, absence and operational status of three modern processor features:

    64-bit instruction extensions,
    Hardware support for detecting and preventing
    the execution of code in program data areas, ... and
    Hardware support for system resource “virtualization.”
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