Core 2 E4300 Power requirement with no video card

Hi I am building a new system and planning to use Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 Allendale, I am not sure how power I really need, does anyone has a website that provide info with power consumption of parts? RAM, CD-ROM etc.
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  1. Hmm... with no video card, the system will not need huge amounts of power.

    Try this site:
  2. Ah sweet, thanks
  3. Thats a nice PD 940 OC btw.
  4. Quote:
    Thats a nice PD 940 OC btw.
    Sure is. :) I would say to get ~ a 500w PSU...better to have a little extra...should you decide to add a graphics card, or a few more HD's. GL :)
  5. Thanks : )

    But I won't be adding anything. The PC I am building is basically use for word/internet no games at all.

    My other question is, A P4 3.2Ghz Prescott eats a lot more power than a Core 2 E4300 isn't it?
  6. Sure does.
  7. Like how much more does the Prescott uses tho? do you know?
  8. Sure Do. Heres the link
  9. If it's not overclocked I think the whole system wouldnt use more than 70-80w at full load.
  10. Since the E4300 clockspeed is only slightly slower than the E6300, I would imagine the idle and load power consumption will be very similar; 26w / 44w.
  11. Ah thanks guys, sweet stuff here.
  12. 100W idle
    230W load

    However, these values include a video card but I do not know the exact config (taken from a review).

  13. 230W at load? With an 8800GTX ??
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