Invalid serial # errors for major programs (Nero/Photoshop)

Hello all,

I recently reformatted my hard drive, and am trying to restore my PC to it's original state.

When I got to installing programs, things went smoothly until I attempted to install Photoshop CS2. I typed in my serial number and got an "Invalid Serial Number" Error. I tried re-typing it multiple times to no avail. I then skipped it and went to Nero 7, and got the same error. I since have installed Visual Studio Express amongst other programs that require a serial number so I'm not sure what gives.

To give you more light into the situation, I even tried selecting the trial version of CS2, and it came back with the same error!!

Something ain't right.

Any suggestions/input/feedback is most appreciated!
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  1. The Adobe help pages suggest this:

    Troubleshoot serial number problems.

    If the Adobe Photoshop CS2 installer returns the error "Invalid Serial Number" after you enter the serial number or during startup, do one or more of the following:

    -- Delete the serial number from the Serial Number text box, and then reenter it exactly as it appears on the back of the Photoshop CS2 CD case or in the registration guide.

    -- Reenter the serial number using different numeric keys. For example, use the numeric keys above the alpha characters instead of the numeric keys on the keypad.

    -- Make sure you typed the number zero (0) correctly, not as the letter "O."
  2. Sometimes you have to have the Caps lock on
  3. Thanks for the replies, however, I have already tried all of this. I am wondering if anyone has experienced this. I am looking for advice outside of re-entering the number. I am 100% positive that it's something beyond an incorrect number. Are there any registry keys or temporary files that might affect this?
  4. Could it be that you are using a different language version of windows (or have an additional language installed)? If so switch to English for the installation.
  5. Have you contacted Nero or Adobe?
  6. I recently had to reformat my laptop and I also lost Photoshop CS2. I lost the installation disk 1, but I still have my serial number and Adobe Photoshop CS2 disk.
    I then called Adobe and they told me my serial number was invalid and they had no record of that serial number, yet I've had this for almost a year, and I have an account with them. It makes no sense.

    I got very frustrated because I need this program for my job, I'm a wedding photographer.
    I have two weddings coming up in the next few months and if I don't have Photoshop, I lose the business and a lot of money.

    The rep told me I would have to re-purchase a new Photoshop in order to install it. But I am NOT up for spending hundreds of dollars on something I already have.

    I would also love to hear some feedback, I desperately need to reinstall Photoshop.

    I feel like there has to be a way to use the serial number I have to reinstall.
  7. g-paw said:
    Have you contacted Nero or Adobe?

    Contacting Abode didn't help me at all, they told me my serial number was invalid yet they didn't have any record of it being used.
    The man said I would have to buy another Photoshop in order to install it. Which isn't the answer I was looking for...I hope something gives. for both of us, hah.
  8. The photoshop copy you bought is a bootleg counterfeit that comes from china... All of these exact copies used to work, now all of them do not work because adobe has banned all the fake generated serial numbers!

    I can fix your copy to work in 5 minutes over the phone for $25

    Anyone who is interested please email me at:
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