About to Buy 8800gtx SLI Dilema

I am already squeezing every last penny I can to afford 8800gtx SLIed. My choices are either 590$cad for each BFG 8800 GTX OC (not OC2), or 629-689$cad each eVGA 8800gtx. Is the eVGA step-up program worth it for a canadian resident this late in the game? Also is the BFG warranty adequate because I plan to overclock the already OCed BFG and eVGA cards myself even farther. Basically is eVGA's policy worth (80-200$ sli) more then BFG's policy. Should I be more afraid/cautious overclocking the BFG' with ATI tool then overclocking the eVGA's?
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  1. What resolution do you plan on gaming at?

    Also could you please give us some info on the rest of your rig?
  2. 1920x1200 Acer25.5"

    eVGA 680i nforce mobo (rev2 A1)
    8800gtx SLIed
    Thermaltake Big Typhoon Cooler
    Antec Nine Hundred Case
    Patriot Low Latency 2GB DDR-800 4-4-4-12
    Zeus 750w PSU
    Maxtor Diamond Max2 Sata-II 250GB
    16x LG DVD_Drive 48x CDrom_Drive
  3. bump,

    will overclocking the BFGs with ATI_tool type software be just as safe as overclocking the eVGAs? Can BFG know if the card was damaged as a result of overclocking/overheating and deny warranty?
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