Laziest post of the week - Competition

For those who answer the questions, here's a chance to post up the laziest OP's

Here's my starter for 10.

This is dedicated to those who can't be bothered to help themselves, even when given pointers towards the answers, those that want spoon feeding. It is not about those who are having trouble, need help, are less able, or are less familiar with technology.
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  1. i have a no spoon feeding policy. i expect the op to put forth at least some effort.

    my biggest issue is when they have a problem and want help but list only the most vague description without any details. without any details how can i even begin to come up with a solution?

    agreed... its not about people having trouble or who are less able or less familiar with technology. its all about effort put forth and attitude in the postings.
  2. If I do spoon feed its via lmgtfy hopefully they'll get the hint.

    Anymore examples out there?
  3. I think there are plenty of people asking whether they can use DDR3 RAM in DDR2 mobo and answered "No" and got BA. That will be No. 1 for laziness.

  4. Not sure it really qualifies but this one takes a few biscuits. The OP, having finally realised cAPSlOCK was stuck on in the title, didn't bother to go back over it and change the case. He then posted in upper case but hasn't been seen since. He has, however, been joined by two others with the same problem.


    a post that makes you go arghhhaghhh..whyohwhyohwhy...hhhhhhh
  6. Not lazy, but certainly arrogant, so you made a mistake as to which one he had, your point still stands, if you don't like it get rid of it or shut up.
    You were more 'kind' on that than I would have been.

    I get the impression that this might turn into therapy for those that help, a chance to get something off our collective chests.
  7. well i wouldnt say i made a mistake... i was assuming it was matte by the title as the op said... but he described it as glossy so i figured he made a mistake and changed my reference to glossy in the post after... how are we supposed to know other than what information they give us right?

    i'm all for discussion or lecturing on a subject as long as it has a valid point. the only theme past the first few posts seems to be how they dislike the monitor they have.


    agreed. as long as we keep it civil here. there is no need to get nasty.

    none of this actually bothers me... i only have to slackjaw in disbelief and question why sometimes.



    found another one. homer simpson: DOH!
  8. Absolutely, it must be civil, and only about people who aren't helping themselves, not those that can't help themselves.

    You do seem to attract people who misunderstand what you are saying don't you, and I can't read anything in what you said that would cause that.
  9. this is what happens when people start using a computer without knowing how to use one. obviously they are in dire need of a "guide to windows"
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