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I currently have 2 monitors Benq 24" & samsung 22" as a dual setup and am looking to buy a dell 30" monitor, can I use my 8800gtx to power the dell and BenQ and use my old card 7900gtx to power my samsung 22".
I am a complete n00b when it comes multiple monitor setup and would greatly benefit from a simple run down on how to go about a 3rd monitor setup.
thanks in advance
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  1. Sorry to be so simple minded, but does that mean when I'm gaming it will be spread across all 3 monitors?
    If that is the case is there anyway i cant just used the dell for gaming and use the other 2 monitors for web browsing as such?
    My current setup allows me to game on my 24" monitor and browse on my other at the same time.
    I would go sli but I just found out my mobo(ABIT AW9D MAX Motherboard) only supports crossfire, but still supports dual nvidia cards, as I have just purchased this mobo I'm no inclinde to throw it just yet
    thanks again
  2. ok thanks for your help
  3. sorry to jump in here, but i'm looking to run dual monitors too adn had a question about what you said. you can play your game on your primary monitor and still browse the web and run things on teh second monitor? how do you flip back and forth?
  4. Ultramon is also a awesome little program for dual setups
  5. Yes! Your system can support up to four multiple monitors!
    You just need to activate the additional monitors in your display settings.
    Here's a quick walkthrough:

    How to Setup Multiple Monitors

    For someone who only has one graphics card and wants to add a third monitor,
    you can get a Multi-Monitor Adapter aka External Video Card.

    You can even do this with your computer:

    Multiple Monitor Computer Video

    Have you looked into getting a Multiple Monitor LCD Display?
  6. Dude the thread is over a year old.
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