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Hello all,

Had a thought this morning and wanted to know if it is a valid Idea... With all the talk of the Ram/hybrid drives being release and how you will have fast load times for the OS and all that I had a thought. Would it be possible to get like an 8GB USB flash drive which can be bought for <$60 and load WinXP onto it? Wouldn't the load times be faster? Wouldn't the whole system be faster?

Just a thought, but looking for intelligent discussion...
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  1. Depending on your hardware this is totally possible
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    In fact I'm going to do exactly that for my next build. I will use a solid state drive and us that as my C: drive. I will then put a big SATA disk in to sue as the D: drive. Boot up times should be measured in seconds :P The only issue is that it will cost more but hey, it's worth it.
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