Pigs could yet fly -- OpenBSD's Secuirty hole??

Vulnerability Description
The OpenBSD kernel contains a memory corruption vulnerability in the code that handles IPv6 packets. Exploitation of this vulnerability can result in:

1) Remote execution of arbitrary code at the kernel level on the vulnerable systems (complete system compromise), or;

2) Remote denial of service attacks against vulnerable systems (system crash due to a kernel panic)

The issue can be triggered by sending a specially crafted IPv6 fragmented packet.

OpenBSD systems using default installations are vulnerable because the default pre-compiled kernel binary (GENERIC) has IPv6 enabled and OpenBSD's firewall does not filter inbound IPv6 packets in its default configuration.

However, in order to exploit a vulnerable system an attacker needs to be able to inject fragmented IPv6 packets on the target system's local network. This requires direct physical/logical access to the target's local network -in which case the attacking system does not need to have a working IPv6 stack- or the ability to route or tunnel IPv6 packets to the target from a remote network.

Vulnerable Packages

OpenBSD 4.1 prior to Feb. 26th, 2006.
OpenBSD 4.0 Current
OpenBSD 4.0 Stable
OpenBSD 3.9
OpenBSD 3.8
OpenBSD 3.6
OpenBSD 3.1

All other releases that implement the IPv6 protocol stack may be vulnerable.

A rare day.. I don't think I've seen a BSD hole reported in a very long time.. The fix is already out. Read more here or check out the slashdot take on it.
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  1. Imagine if Microsoft identified and fixed security issues this fast... They truly would come damn close to ruling the world! :)
  2. I'd have some post count if I did this in the XP forums :wink:

    It is always nice to see the fix the same day you find out about the bug. I think pride also comes into play here. BSD rightfully has a rep as very secure, just goes to show that nothing is perfect...
  3. Doesn't NASA use OpenBSD? Good that they are fast on the fix. I would hate to c the space station come down due to some kids work :)
  4. Hopefully anyone at NASA (or anywhere else, really) who was in charge of OpenBSD systems such as this would disable/block the IPv6 network layer as the US won't be using that until it's dragged kicking and screaming into it.

    ....hopefully being the operative word
  5. Quote:
    as the US won't be using that until it's dragged kicking and screaming into it.

    I like the way you say that :D At least get them to adopt metric :( let alone IPv6
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