E6400 @ 3.2GHZ with GA-965P-DS3 Issues!

Hey people!.

lets see this is my system right now:

Intel Core2Duo E6400 @ 3.2GHZ 1.42V
OCZ 8000 Titanium Alpha VX2 - 2x1GB @ 1000MHZ 4-4-4-15 2.4V
Gigabyte 965P-DS3 F10
Cooler Master Hyper TX
XFX 8800GTS 320M @ 600/900
Western Digital 500GB 16Mb
Power Supply 700W

bios setup is:
limit cpuid, no execute memory prot, c1e, mt2, eist, virtualization all DISABLE!

dram +0.5
vcore 1.425v
FSB +0.2
MCH +0.2


it seems to be stable 24/7 i got it on for 1 week so it is fine,,, the problem is.. that when i reboot or turn off the computer.. it goes back to 8x266 ... lose the oc.. i dont know why.. Any ideas about what the problem can be? THX!

Please help me out ^^

PS: the cpu gets back to stock frequencies "266" all the other settings are the same after reboot...
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  1. Are you OC'ing it from BIOS or OC'ing from within windows? I hear alot of people getting better OC from within windows but then it doesnt like to boot at those setting and reverts back to stock freq.
  2. everything is from bios. its kinda crappy doing it again and again... will be worse if i have to do it on windows...

    sooo anybody with the same problem ?
  3. I have the same problem on my E4300, GA-965P-S3. When I first set up my OC, it boots into windows just fine at Stock everything except FSB 266. It then runs just fine until I try to reboot. Then it doesn't post and resets the bios back to stock...Doesn't make much sense to me that it would work fine in windows at FSB 266, but can't reboot even at FSB 220.
  4. Have simular system - e6400, but have DQ6 vs DS3, and My memory is 6400C4. I have no problem with oc when I reboot.

    I started with the same Vcore / FSB and MCH as you have, But I found my system is stable with these 3 at Auto. The only voltage I changed is for the Dram, I raise mine to +0.275 - But my ram is 2.1V.

    Then I just change the multiplier fro 6X -> 8X for running at 2.4, 2.8, or 3.2 GHz.

    You might try loosing your timmings and dropping your FSB / MCH to +0.1 - if works, then try auto - if works then work with your memory timmings
  5. The only reason it'd reset back to default FSB would be that your computer was unstable, and forced to reboot/stall, the bios would detect it and reset every back to default.

    I had the same problem with S3 and DS3, while Prime95 and MemTest proved to be stable for days, but still reboot with default settings, and still couldn't fix it with latest bios reset, so I decided to try different things, and got it fixed when I had the Vcore increased 1-2 notch higher than the currently level.

    The other thing is, you need 2.4V for your Vdimm? That's +0.6V, but if I'm not mistaken DS3 would allow only +0.5V?

    Anyway, you said it seems to be stable 24/7 and you got it on for 1 week, did you do stress test the CPU long enough to verify it's 100% rock solid stable? And did you try doing MemTest? What power supply are you using? Did you observe the change in Voltages between idle and load, and are the voltage stable? How about temperatures? I saw on your picture you got Orthos running 5+ hours without problem, believe me or not, on many occasions when I'm on the border line of 100% stable voltage, my system seemed to fail after 10-15 hours of testings, and usually 1-2 notch increase in Vcore fixed this problem.
  6. hey guys thx for the tips and everything..

    vcore 1.3375 @ 3.2ghz
    mch 0.1+
    fsb 0.1+

    spd multi 2.50
    Memory 1000 4 4 4 15 @ +0.5v (it seems like they dont get stable on 0.4+ i should try 0.6+ too)

    it reboots ok, i gonna try orthos for like 15hours like you said.
  7. So, you fixed the problem?
    What did you do?
    I'd let it run for 24 hours, do a max CPU stress, and use MemTest just for memory.
  8. hey WiZ83!

    well i am still testing voltages.. before going to the o.s. i do like 10 reboots and it seems to save the settings but ...

    Orthos CPU Stress only
    1.33v 5mins and fail..
    1.34v 5mins and fail..
    1.35v 9mins and fail..
    1.375v "seems to work well for 1 hour... i gonna test it for 24hours.. "

    all other settings are like before... i will post soon with results

    thx ^^
  9. That explains why you keep rebooting with default settings.
    Get a stable Vcore for your CPU Frequency, and if your temperature is still low, attempt to go higher.

    And make sure you stress test on both Cores, do a CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to Task Manager, Performance Tab, check if your CPU is running on 100% load.
  10. well it seems like on fsb +0.1v and mch +0.1v is not stable.. i tried almost all vcore voltages and nothing....

    i gonna test all over fsb normal and mch +0.1 ... lets see if i get it stable ^^
  11. nah it doesnt work on fsb / mch +0.1v / +0.1v... now i trying +0.2v +0.2v it seems to work better my vcore right now is 1.4350v is alot for this system i guess so but lets test it!..

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