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As one of those "no-respect" youngsters, I consider graffiti one of the coolest forms of art, and also one that I've done in myself, I find this one to be pretty damn sweet. Just a bit of a diversion from the regular help threads, and a bit of my way of giving back.
Peace Love and Joy,
Young Ninja
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  1. It was done with a stencil, you can see where the over draft marks are protected by the square stencil... 8)
  2. Still nice to see Graffiti that spreads a message.

    And thank you to Linux_0, MU_Engineer, you, bmouring and the rest how I forget to mention, cause I finally got this:

  3. 8O For some reason I assumed your desktop would be a car or a bubble butt.. :wink:

  4. That would be my Windows and Mac machines. I keep it classic on the Linux ones.
  5. Very nice, very nice. Good to see the widescreen is working for you.

    There's a convenience store around here that has images of Tux in their freezer section, I don't know what kinda legal issues there are with that, but I am thinking I need to snap a coupla pics if for nothing else than to post here or in another non-help thread, just to keep the good community vibe going
  6. I believe some images of Tux are released under the GPL or a comparable / compatible license :-D
  7. While im at it, I'm having trouble opening Wine and updating to Flash 9. I've already used Adept to install both Wine and Flash 7, but when I go to either open Wine or install the bin for Flash, I get nothing.

    I'm on Kubuntu (latest)
  8. Can you run winecfg?

    mkdir flash; cd flash;

    #download Flash9

    tar xzvf flash*

    cd flash*

    #run the installer script and point it to your moz plugins directory

    I'm going from memory but this is the procedure :-D
  9. Yep, got everything working. Thanks again. :)
  10. Awesome :-D
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