Help: Theres no picture on the display when i boot the compu

i have an abit ag8-v (915p) motherboard with a 3.0Ghz p4, an x550 and 4x512Mb of ram. The system boots, i can hear the hard drive turn on, but there is no picture on the display. I tryed the graphics card in another pc, it works fine. Ive tried clearing the bios, and using a different psu, does anyone have any ideas??
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  1. Try running the monitor on a different system. If that doesn't work, you'll need to start checking all the parts individually (RAM is probably the best place to start. Try loading on one stick of RAM at a time)
  2. I see one of three culprits here... bad RAM, cooked CPU, or a bad mainboard... In that order. All you can really do is check the RAM and the CPU in another PC.

    All of this is assuming you are posting NOTHING on boot. Another thing that would help- you say the drive is spinning up, this is initialization- do you hear the chatter of anything much loading after that?
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