Choosing a case for a hot setup - Antec P182 or Stacker 810?

Well i've got my new setup :
C2D 6700 2.66@3.5 Ghz
Asus Commando p965
Tuniq Tower Cooler
2gb Gskill pc8000 at 2.3V
2xSeagate 7200.10 320Gb
7600 gt (soon to be 8800gts :))
Antec TruePower 2.0 480W

All these components generate a LOT of heat, the north bridge gets to ~60C and the memory cant be touched for more than a few seconds, so i'm thinking to upgrade my Gigabyte Aurora to something more suitable. After reading tons of reviews and opinions it comes down to these candidates :
1 - Antec p182
2 - Coolermaster Stacker 810

Now i lean towards the Antec case because of the quietness (I would like my system to be as silent as possible), cable management and overall engineering , the question is will it handle this much heat, or should i go with the Stacker ?

Thanks :)
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  1. If you have any intentions of moving the case go with the Antec

    My Stacker loaded comes in at 30kilos and it gets a bit loud (sitting on the desk) because of it's full mesh front (2 disks per drive cage).
  2. The question is will the antec cope with the heat ? My current case (Gigabyte Aurora) is not doing the job as well as i'd like (bad front intake is screwing the airflow), so will the switch from aurora to antec be worth ~200$, or should i go for something else ?
  3. Quote:
    Your current case is well known for very poor air flow

    I already know that :)

    The Coolermaster has more cooling potential then P182

    I also know that :)

    What i asked, is will be cooling in antec be adequate for the setup ? (the memory and north bridge in aurora are way too hot right now). Antec is my first choice due to the cable management and noise reduction, only if it's cooling capabilities are not enough i will get the stacker.
  4. the bit-tech review of the Antec P182

    using a D955 Extreme Edition and they gave it good marks

    should be hotter than an OCed C2D
  5. what about the gigabyte aurora 570, u can fit a 8800gtx in it. 13" worth of space for the gfx card! has cable management n all! Bit pricey but well worth it!
  6. Thanks for the info guys :)

    Another question -
    i had a problem in aurora with vibrations from the hds, with time the case started to emit very annoying high-pitched noise, the hds were mounted in the bottom cage using the supplied rails, removing them from there and placing unmounted removed the noise.

    So are the rubber mounting grommets in 182's bottom cage stop disk vibrations effectively ??

    RizzyWho - the Aurora 570 is basically the same Aurora 3D i have, so it will have the same airflow problems.
  7. great :) I guess I'll be ordering the case within a couple of days :) Thanks again to all of you for the help.
  8. P180/P182 is excellent. Cable management can be a challenge, but check my thread in this forum area for ideas ;)

    The hdd cages are amazing to keep vibrations down. Very thick silicone grommets to completely isolate them from the cages itself. Then the cages are on thick plastic rails, not metal, so no vibration transferred there either. Check my sig, highly OC'd and 8800GTS, good temps in the case...but you need good front-to-back airflow with case fans and a good heatsink.
  9. No worries about the heatsink, Tuniq Tower gets the job done :)

    great work on the cables, what length should the 4pin and 24 pin connectors be to reach the the mb as in your case ? (mine is similar so i'm worried)
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