3GB or 4GB memory????

ok guys i have 2GB 667 MHZ memory on intel G965WH in dual channel. what do you guys suggest should i add 1Gb more or 2GB. i have windows vista ultimate 32bit.
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  1. buy a WD Raptor with that money, your computer will be faster
  2. 3gigs is best on 32-bit systems(just to avoid headaches), but the raptor would give the system a nice kick in performance. Windows page files no matter how much ram you have.
  3. Windows vista 32-bit will only see about 3.3gb. For more, you need a 64-bit OS. No I/O is the fastest I/O. Vista will load and keep stuff in memory that it thinks you might use soon, so more memory is better. The XP approach was to page stuff out immediately to provide room for what you might need soon. If you add memory, get the exact same memory as you already have. Mixing types may not be handled well by some mobo's. In this case, 4gb might be best.
  4. If you're switching to 64-bit vista, go ahead and get the 4GB. Otherwise, stick with 3GB -- it'll work fine on an Intel chipset MB.
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