cannot play RAR format

hi , i cannot play a rar video, i am using 7-zip , but cannot, or shall i say do not know how to play the video, can anyone advise :?:
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  1. .rar file is not a video a comressed file, and you should open/extract it with Winrar link to d/l
  2. 7 zip should be able to open a rar file. Are you sure that you are using the latest version. That said 7 zip will only open the file for you. You will have to use windows media player (or whatever media player you have installed) to play the file.
  3. cheers for your help guys :)
  4. So did you solve your problem?
  5. looks like he did :lol:
  6. then may i ask how do i play a game in .rar or .zip format?
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