Linux/Windows file sharing with SAMBA

I have SAMBA set up.

I can see the linux server(UMBUNTO distro) but when I attempt to access the folders I get a signon screen under windows. The user is filled out as linuxmachine/guest and requires a password. The only password in the linux system doesn't work. I've made several changes following the SAMBA howto: that I thought would allow my windows machines to access the shared folders but obviously i haven't a clue. Any suggestions?

What I want to do is allow my windows machines to use the drive on the linux machine for volume backups. Thes backups will be set-up to run automatically userin ARCONIS TRUIMAGE.

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  1. That's a fine backup scheme (so long as your Ubuntu machine will be up when needed).

    As there are many, many sources for information regarding setting up your Samba configuration file, can you please post it so we have a good idea what we're working with here?

    If it is ridiculously long, don't post it and you probably don't need one so long for a relatively simple configuration such as this.

    You may also want to look into using SWAT to aid you in your Samba setup adventures.
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