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Hey, i just installed diablo 2: Lod on my new comp wit windows 7 on it and before i run the program it tells me it has compatability issues and it gives me 3 options. Check for solutions online, run program anyways, or cancel. I click check for solutions and nothing is found. When i click run program and click battlenet it just says connecting to fastest server. Then unable to connect to battle.net comes up. Any solutions to my problem?
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  1. Dam! is an old thing! But anyway, as for all old games on win 7 u have to patched and u have to run'it in Win Xp SP2-3 Compatibility mode. As i remember this game is do auto-patch wen u first enter in B-Net..but u tell that this not work (is unable to connect to battle.net ).Then do the patch manually.Download from internet and install. I think that will do the trick.

    Man..is like 7 years old game..I think i still have a copy of it in the house. Good days, good times .... :D
  2. ah, same problem as i had, first: patch the game like told in the previous post.
    and be sure to launch it in admin-mode: that was my problem in vista.

    you can always try to run a game in admin mode, it solves some problems...
  3. Have you allowed it in the firewall settings?
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