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Isn't Home Premium supposed to have the Aero functionality?

If yes, I can't seemed to find a setting anywhere to invoke it.

Also the live thumbnails do not pop up when hovering over my taskbar programs.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. when you install vista it automatically loads vista basic theme (no aero), you have to enable it by right-clicking desktop, then select theme to Aero, thumbnails are a part of aero, so when you enable it they will appear when you move your mouse over taskbar programs
  2. I don't see an option for Aero.

    I would post a screen shot of what my options are but I do not see a way to post an image or file.

    My options are:

    My current Theme
    Windows Vista (this is what it is set to)
    Windows Classic

    Any further suggestions?
  3. it might not be under the theme, i can't remember exactly where, but it's in the options windows somewhere, take a closer look
  4. there you go
  5. O.K. found it, thanks. :D

    They sure tucked that one away just a bit. It is even harder to find that wizard later when you have already set it to Aero. Not very intuitive on their part.

    Thanks again.
  6. no problem
  7. Assman said:

    I have this same issue, and I can't see your screenshot. Can you explain better?
  8. Its under colors and backgrounds
  9. Its under colors and backgrounds
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