Laptop DVD region hacks - HELP PLEASE


Sorry if I am not in the right forum for this topic.

I have exceeded by mistake the number of times I can reset the DVD region on my LAPTOP. Is there ay way to change it again? I know there are hacks available for DVD players but I don’t seem to find anything for laptops (Nec VERSA E6000)....

I am desperate as I am constantly watching region 2 dvds on my laptop for work and now is set to region 3, any help will be much appreciated

Many thanks in advance

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More about laptop region hacks please
  1. Hi,

    you can use anydvd, that bypass dvd protection/region. Free to use for 30 days.

    You can use videolan ( This media player does not care about dvd region.
  2. Go to They have firmware and utilities for most optical drives. The site is mostly dedicated to helping people who have locked drives or need to play DVDs from more than 1 region. You can search directly for your model. If need any more help, post the make and model of the drive.

  3. This might work for you and it's freeware :D
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