Anti Virus apps...Worth the slow down?

Overall I've used many Anti Virus programs in the past. Norton, Mccafe, PC-Cillin...Right now I'm using BitDefender which I just purchased a few days ago. But curious...So far in all my experience with Anti Viruses They always slow down the system. Even when disabling all the real time scanning and whatnot the start up of the system as well is awfully slow. Of course you can use msconfig and remove it from the bootup as well...But overall I find anti viruses to be such a hassle.

I'm curious though on how many of you guys use Anti Virus programs. Do you prefer being protected and sacrificing performance or prefer sailing free and clear?

So far I haven't really come across an anti virus I like...All of them slow down the pc with tons of start up processes as well. Are there any anti virus applications that don't put such a strain on the system?...I really don't give a rats ass about real time scanning...I hardly ever open a file without scanning it first if it's likely to have a virus. Even though I just bought bit defender it always seems theres a problem with most the anti virus applications out there. As an example...My internet runs through a router and I've never had any problems relating to speed. After I installed BitDefender I noticed that if I ran my torrent application like I usually do my internet would slow down DRASTICALLY when I'm not even near my download/upload cap....I have a 6mb down and 512 kbps up connection...At around 1 mb down and 15 kb up my internet would begin to lag. Starting up a browser would take the load time of most sites up from an instant to 10 fold. I've never had this problem before....Even while uploading at these speeds before bitdefender I'd open each page up in a flash...Even at uploading near my cap limit. I also have a second rig next to me on the same router and it's unhindered my any speed limitations so I know it's on my main rig which developed these problems after the anti virus install.

Overall it's just a mass headache. I have every damn option disable for realtime services...The program is basically set up to only scan when I choose to. Made sure the firewall is off and still the same annoying problem lurking in the depths.

So yea...this got dragged on a bit..Overall do you guys prefer anti virus applications or don't bother with them and prefer to sail the computing world free?

If anyone has ANY recommendations for a anti virus application that does not slow down a system I'll be glad to try it out...

Although I liked pc-cillin I don't really remember how badly it slowed down my system..I think that was by far the best one atm that I've tested out. Norton was a horror story...Mccafe was a very short time of use...But yea, after disabling all the start up processes and disabling the real time applications under bitdefender...The speed of the system has been nice. Just like a system free and clear...But these little problems with the net is just absurd....The funny thing is when using utorrent and downloading the net will slow down even though I'm not using much bandwith...But if I start a download on the net via browser it will remedy the problem for the duration of the download in progress...

Bah...problems problems problems...

Your thoughts? (too lazy to re-read...sorry for the grammar
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  1. Short answer is: While there is no app that will not slow down a system (even slightly) the degree that they effect is different. Try Avast! or NOD32
  2. I'd suggest you trying a different aproach and install some app to freeze the PC's configuration (your files would still be vulnerable to virus but Windows wouldn't).
    I installed Deep Freeze (Standard on my mothers computer and she hasn't bugged me since ! =)

    PS: Pls beware that every time u restart the PC every single thing that u changed will be lost and that u need to create a safe partition for your files (like D: for ex.).

    Good luck!
  3. I haven't use an anti virus program for 10 years. No problems. Yahoo mail checks downloads as does most of the apps I use.
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