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Retail versus OEM

The price tag for Windows vista ultimate Retail is 2 times the OEM version.(Full install packs)
What is the difference of retail versus oem?
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    oem comes without the fancy packing, but pretty much the biggest difference is that with oem you can't upgrade the mobo (that is you have to have the same mobo, but other components may change), with retail you can upgrade anything you want.
  2. but even with retail it's 1 DVD= 1 license (1 pc)
  3. I have the retail version. It came with two DVDs - one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit. Not sure about other differences.....
  4. i meant 1 license per PID
  5. Quote:
    i meant 1 license per PID

    Actually, for a limited time only (sounds like one of those 'but wait' TV commercials)... For a mere $50 a pop you can get two 'Home Premium' licenses... Its actually a really good deal if you have one or two more PCs to upgrade. I'm doing it with my soon to be had HTPC and my wife's computer.
  6. i don't really need more than one license,lol, but thanx for the link
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