Fresh install and I can't get rid of this ADWARE

Just formatted and reinstalled XP Pro. Loaded the drivers that came with the motherboard to enable ethernet port, usb, etc .... load up the cd that came with the video card. (Same as I've done in the past) Connect up my ethernet cable and starting to find the lastest drivers from ATI website, etc and within minutes.... I seem to have picked up some adware from somewhere! Every few minutes a window that appears to be from Windows (not like a IE popup) will popup and says "Messenger Service" in the blue bar. In the window its says "CRITICAL ERROR MESSAGE! - REGISTRY DAMAGED AND CORRUPTED." Then it tells me to visit and download the cleaner. A few minutes later, it will pop up again and it will says basically the same thing but may point to a different website now.

I have already booted in safe mode and ran Spybot and AdAware. I have used McAFee to scan the hard drive. No help. Anyone ever heard of this?
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  1. Just disable the Messenger Service.

  2. Try webroot spy sweeper. Also, try checking the task manager>>processes window for a process named messenger or something like that. If you're not actually using windows messenger, you're gonna wanna terminate that process.
  3. install service pack 2 will help reduce those pop up. do a full windows update.
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