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I have 2 computers running Windows Vista. One is running Home Premium and the other is Ultimate. Since the Ultimate one has a bigger hard drive, I put all my media files on it (music,pictures,videos...) I turned on file sharing on both computers so I could access my media files through my Home Premium pc but I'm experiencing problems... I have no problems seeing the Vista ultimate pc in the local network but when I try to access the files I'm sharing, it says access is denied but I can't see why.. both of the computers have file sharing turned on, I have no other firewall that the vista one, none of the files I'm sharing are protected in somewhat way... So I really can't see why it would give me an access is denied error... any ideas?

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    File sharing in Vista is a lot more secure, but a bigger pain to set up. You need to assign permissions to your shared folders (I set mine to "Everyone" on my home network).

    Instructions and explanations of some of the differences, can be found here:
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