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My girlfriends brothers computer is ctiong weird. one day his internet connection went out. So being the good boyfriend i am i looked at his setup. They have a broadband connection with a router. they have three computers hook up to the router. her fathers, hers and her brothers. so i started with hardware and physical connection. they have wired connections. he had link lights so i went down to the router and changed ports to see if he would have link lights. my thought was it could possibly be a bad port or a bad cable. nope we had link lights at his computer and router. so i went to the computer. i updated his ethernet card driver. updated to service pack 2. I tried repairing the connection to no avail. He can not repair cause it can not find an ip address. I tried going into dos and ipconfig/release and renew but it could not renew. He has a standard local area connection but it says connected but limited connectivity. So i went down to the router and reset the router and modem to see if that would work. no dice. I turned off the firewall to see if that would work. no dice. I reset his internet options back to default. no dice.

is there anything i am missing. cause the only thing i can think of would be a bad nic card, but think it is onboard. would a new nic card disable his onboard much like a video card does? thoughts, comments?
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  1. i would attempt to set the NIC up with a static IP address and test before replacing it.
    Find out what your IP settings are on your other computers and write them down.
    Then add these settings to your issue computer (Do not use the exact same IP address).
    If you need help with doing this let me know.

    If not a new NIC is cheap and you could easily install one and disable the onboard.

    Best of luck.
  2. 1) Swap the port on the router side with another working port and see if that fix the issue. If you can connect ok with the swap. That means that 1 port on the router is bad.

    2) If (1) fails, check the router internal setting if the mac address on that computer is blocked.

    3) check the TCP/IP setting under your NIC card, they should be obtaining IP address, DNS automatically

    4) If above all fails, disable the onboard LAN in bios and install a NIC card in one of the PCI expansion slot.
  3. Ok well i did the above and i still get nothing. If i go in and type in a ip address and subnet mask and gateway that is similar to his sisters computer i get a connection but it says action cancelled. if i use the same ip address as his sisters i get a warning saying that the ip is already in use. Otherwise his ip is not assigned at all. I think it is called DHCP enabled or something. This is what i think is wrong with it. If I check obtain ip address automatically i get a connected but with limited connectivity. I installed the new network card but i have the same problems i did with the onboard nic card. I already tried the port switching and I get nothing. the only thing i can think of would be to put it back to the existing port and see if it connects. I switched ports over a month ago when i started this trouble shooting. could it be that the router is looking for it on that port? thxs for the help!
  4. unhook the router, connect your computer directly to the cable or DSL modem.

    Power off both Cable/DSL modem and computer, power them back on

    If you don't get a connection from there. It means your onboard LAN is bad. Make sure your IP/DNS/DHCP etc are enabled and obtain automatically.
  5. well hooking up to the router is not possible. i can reset them but a direct connection is not possible. how do i enable the ip/dns/dhcp. The DHCP is the main problem i think?
  6. Are you sure you know what you are doing? What you mean by hooking up to the router is not possible & direct connection is not possible? If you can't connect to either of them, you are not gonna get connection period.

    The scenario is too simple.

    3 computers connected to the router, 2 working, 1 not working.

    The 2 that works, uses default windows TCP/IP setting.

    The 1 that doesn't work, you keep changing configuration and still can't get it to work.

    If you have tried installing a new NIC card and uses the default setting and still can't get it to work. Then it's bad cable. Run a new cable to the router. Nothing gonna be troubleshooted if you don't want to move the computer or run a new cable etc. You can keep changing the software settings but you are not troubleshooting the hardware in this case.
  7. one, its not a bad cable cause i changed them out. two, its not possible to run directly into the modem because the house is wired internally for ethernet hook up. i can not hook up straight to the router because the router or modem are more than 300 feet away and the man of the house does not want a cable running from one end of the house to the other. you might ask then how does the cable now reach his computer. they have a ethernet amp in line that is wired into the attic and i cant not find it. so my only option is move the computer to that side of the house and try from there. i do not think it is a hardware problem but i will check it out. thxs for your help.
  8. Run a cat 5 cable right across the floor, between the man's wife's hoo-ha's if you have to, and tell him you are troubleshooting. I keep a 100 ft. cat5 on a spool just for this purpose. My nose rarely gets broken. :?
  9. yea well thats not possible. sorry.

    I used my labtop and hooked up his cable to it to see if i got a connection to the network and internet. It reconized it fine and i was able to use the the internet. So the cables are fine. Not sure what else todo.
  10. Ok, try going down this route if you haven't already.

    1. Delete the Local Area Connection in the Network Connections window on the problem PC.

    2. Before doing this make sure you have the correct drivers for the LAN connection on the PC. If you have the correct drivers go into device manager and uninstall the network adapter.

    3. Restart

    4. Let windows rediscover the new device, if it doesn't, install the drivers you've downloaded.

    5. Go into the Network wizard and create a new Local Area Connection.

    See if this fixes the problem.
  11. yea thats a good idea. thxs.
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