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On the Nvidia website, they claim that I should uninstall my old display driver before I update to the newest one. When I did this, however, my machine went all screwy. I received a never dying window to install new hardware, my taskbar started telling me that certain things connected to the computer were not recognized etc. I bought my 7600gt from evga, and nobody seemed to have any problems with it. Did I do something wrong, or what?

Thanks in advance
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    Unistalling the video drivers should have been done in Safe Mode and installing the new drivers should have happened right away. They you wouldn't have the problems you are having.

    He didnt install the New GPU yet. He is just trying to do the 1st step of the process which is uninstalling the existing drivers.

    Please Help
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    Well then unistall the drivers, Turn the system off, swap the cards, install new drivers when prompted.

    When he attempted to uninstall the drivers in Add/Remove Programs, he got that error message.
  3. Try putting the old card back in and doing a system restore back to before you started all this. More than likely, when uninstalling the current (old) driver, you removed some files or registry tags that were used by other devices in your system -- usually shared dll's. During uninstall, you are usually prompted that "you are about to remove a file that may be shared by other programs". You shouldn't have to uninstall the drivers and software, but if you do, it's best to leave those shared files in tact, as they have no effect on subsequent installations. You may have to go so far as to reinstall the old driver from the CD, or use system properties to roll back to the last known working driver. Before changing to the new card, assuming you've got everything working again, go into system properties, display adapter, and right click on the old video card; pick uninstall then shut the system down and replace with the new card. On re-boot, don't let the system install the driver for you, pick cancel, then run your new installtion CD. Once you've got that up and running you can go back and uninstall the old software, if the new install doesn't do it for you automatically, which it will usually do if there's a conflict. Good luck. MM
  4. Is it a stock pc or build? What you're system specs?
  5. What you've described is normal computer behavior when uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. You'll always get a Windows hardware installation wizard popup, and once canceled, it will tell you that the device was not installed properly and will not work correctly. This is normal. Your monitor may also have been an 'unrecognized' piece of hardware since most monitor recognition comes with video card drivers and not Windows. Simply ignore those messages, install the new drivers via the .exe file you downloaded from NVidia, and those messages should not come back after the reboot prompt.
  6. Quote:
    Is it a stock pc or build? What you're system specs?

    Antec Sonata 2
    FSP AX450 PSU (29a)
    Biostar T-Force 4U LGA775 mobo
    Intel Pentium D 805 OC'd to 3.6ghz
    2gb Kingston Value Ram ddr2 667
    Western Digital SE16 250gb HD
    evga 7600GT w/VF700CU overclocked
    *in progress* XFX 7900GS eXtreme*

    Samsung DVD burner
    Rosewill 19" LCD
    Dell KB and Mouse
    Recycled copy of WinXP from a Dell Inspiron 8500

    hopefully the OP will return soon to answer some questions
  7. You uninstalled all the Mother Board Nvida drivers, use your MB disk and restore them. You have to uninstall only the Nvida video drivers. I did the same thing, and now everything is fine now.
  8. You did the same thing I did when I first tried to uninstall Nvidia Drivers. I'm going to bet that you also have an Nvidia chipset and have uninstalled the MB drivers for Windows also. When I did this, my mouse wouldnt work because it was a USB wireless and didnt have the adapter for the PS2 port (what the hell are we going to do when computers no longer have the PS2 ports to save our asses when the OS losses it's lunch every year or so????). You'll have to reinstall your MB drivers in windows, or do a System Restore to a point before the uninstall.

    NOTE: When you uninstall Nvidia display drivers CHOOSE THE DISPLAY ONLY OPTION on the uninstall window, not ALL!!!! 8O oops....
  9. he said that it worked. Thanx for the help
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