Can anyone tell me about these pics?

I found these and I think they're pretty freak'n cool looking.

What is the case? And is that a water cooling kit or something personally assembled?

'Cuz that's what I'm really aiming for. I'm looking to water cool my rig but make it look sharp and cool; not with cords scattered everywhere and pieces being crammed together.
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  1. The casing and watercooling probably were comparitively inexpensive and readily available (Swiftech block I see), I'm guessing, but what makes it impressive is the builder clearly went to a lot of effort to route cables neatly, turning that into a display case.

    If I'm not mistaken, that looks like an Abit logo on the case?
  2. Quote:

    If I'm not mistaken, that looks like an Abit logo on the case?

    Here's the reason:

    Well it doesn't look like a kit. Looks like ti was put together peice by eice and they spent a lot of time getting it all set up with such a nice clean install.

    Just checked the swiftech US website and I couldn't find that kit; maybe I just didn't look hard enough.
  3. I'm quite sure the pic is old due to the hardware that's no longer in circulation. The case is the Coolermaster ATC-110 and has since been discontinued. The water cooling componenets don't appear to be from a kit because they could of been bought seperately. The cpu waterblock is by Swiftech and is outdated and the motherboard in an Abit IC-7 which was for the Intel Pentium 4 series. The pump appears to be an Eheim 1250.
  4. I thought that pump looked a little different - so it's a pond pump!

    That works.
  5. Loud SOBs if you ask me. I will stick to my smaller D5.
  6. The Eheim pulling my soon-to-be reservoir is pretty silent. It's also freakin' huge.

    My soon-to-be reservoir is, incidentally, a 200x60x80 aquarium, with lots of plants and a few Discus in it. And a few hundred cardinals and other tetras. Plus a few smaller catfish. And did I mention the plants?
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