Computer freezes when try to logout, restart, or restart X

I have ubuntu 6.10 on my laptop and my computer will freeze when I try to logout or restart it, It will shutdown fine though.

It only seems to do it after the computer has been suspended and the woken up again.

It has only done this for about the last month or two, but as life is really busy and I don't have to restart very often, it hasn't been that big of a deal. But recently I am needing to hook up an external monitor and it is a real pain to have to turn off the computer and wait for it to boot back up again to use it, restarting X would be so much better.

Also is there a way to set it up so when I hook up a second monitor I don't have to restart X to use it?

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  1. I've not got any great solution for you but I also have issues with X on 6.10. It was working fine but like yourself a couple of months ago it started to occasionally lock up on exiting a session.

    I've hung out for the new 7.04 and a fresh install as I'd put it down to me having had a play with a range of window managers and also having ended up in the bizare situation of using KDM as my default manager whilst still running Gnome..

    Have you had a search on Ubuntu forums? I've not looked yet but I'll see if this is a known issue. I know there was an X update a couple of months back so this might be a more common issue than I thought.
  2. yeah I've looked on the ubuntu forums and the only things I have found have been for breezey.

    I am wondering if it could be my video driver. I have a via vn800 chipset The xorg driver dosen't work with it, so I have been using the Openchrome driver for it.

    Does yours have a via chipset in it as well? Because it seems to me that if it was a big problem there would be something on the Ubuntu forums about it, bot I don't know.

    Dp you know if there is any way to set up a hot swap secondary monitor so I don't have to try to restart X to use it?

  3. I've got a radeon 9200 which I have to use the open drivers for as the new ATI drivers do not support it. I've never played dual head under X, I did for a while run dual head on XP but that was a trivial task with the drivers installed.

    Interesting that you should mention breezy. I did an upgrade to that installation to get to my current setup so maybe it is a config issue that I have carried forwards. I've run away from getting my teeth into X for some time, maybe now I have no option....
  4. I am trying a clean install to see if that fixes the problem.
  5. Another thing you might want to try (I've found it helps when X acts up on some machines on logout, especially of the ATi persuasion) is to force the login manager (GDM in this case) to restart X on logout.
    //open "/etc/gdm/gdm.conf" for Ubuntu
    //On my virtual version, it was on line 88, search for it and change it to
  6. Mmmm.. interesting. Makes some sense, certainly more than buying ATI did :? I'll have a play later and see if it helps. I've just got 7.04 up on a spare disc and that is not displaying any of the same problems. I've even managed to get the Radeon driver working but now have a different couple of problems...

    Using the Radeon driver I can not get anything like smooth performance with the desktop enhancements enabled. I'm wondering if the fglrx driver would give me any more performance. I'm only scoring 640 in glxgears :( but then my card is only a 9200se so I'm not expecting stella performance.

    When I start up my machine the system boots fine but the screen is not centered correctly. It seems to be a sync error as if I switch between RGB/DVI on the monitor it comes back correctly displayed. It's only off by a little bit but it is annoying. I don't suppose there is a way to re-start X at login as well as logout?
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