I erased an external hard drive partition, did not format.

I had just installed XP on my system and after installing some software from my external hard drive i realized that something went wrong with the install so i decided to reinstall the os. I forgot to switch off my external hard drive and when windows loaded all the files and asked me where did i wanted to install xp and all that, both drives appeared, my internal hd and the external with all my data. I was doing something else at the same time and i wasn't paying all the attention i should have so i deleted the partition of my usb Hd and just after i did it i realized my mistake i quickly pulled the usb cable out of the computer and turned off the ext hd to prevent deleting of the files (not sure if it made it worse). The file system for that drive is ntfs and there was only one partition. I did not formatted the ext. drive, i only deleted the partition.

so if anyone can help i will gladly appreciate it, i need to recover tose files, they are extremely irreplaceable and too important to let go.
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  1. You could try this one.
    I haven't used it myself so make sure you read up on it first.

    Good luck !
  2. Active Undelete has always saved my buttocks, it works really well and really fast
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