1st I cant defrag, now I cant even reformat. Help please

I'm out of ideas. Ive tried for the last week to defrag my HDD, its around 30% fragmented at this point. I've tried 2 after market defrag programs and the standard one that comes with XP, and nothing seems to do anything.

So figuring I've got a ton of unwanted/unneeded stuff on my HDD anyhow I decided a reformat was in order, so I poped in my XP disk (which is real, not burned) made sure my BIOS was set to boot from CD and tried, but it kept going to the windows flash screen. After some testing I came to realize that between the first screen when I can hit delete to enter BIOS and the Windows XP splash screen my KB turns off, so when I get the "Hit any key to boot from CD" message, I cant hit a button. I've tried plugging my KB into the PS/2 slot, the motherboard USB slot and my USB2 pci card slot, and still nothing. Is there a way to prevent this powerdown so that I can boot from my CD or not?

I really need some help here, so if anyone has some ideas I would REALLY appreciate it.
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  1. Try running the diagnostic/repair software from the hdd mfg site, run it from a FLoppy
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