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Vista Paging File?

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March 25, 2007 12:03:18 PM

I just bought the Toshiba Satellite P105 laptop. I think the 9337. Anyways, I was wondering if lowering the paging file would help performance at all? There is 2G of RAM and the paging file seems a bit large for having so much RAM. Its my understanding that lowering the paging file makes windows use the RAM. Also. when I check performance under task manager its says 2048MB of ram but only just over 200MB free. how is that possible? I checked the processes but there aren't many running in the background.

If anyone can let me know which Toshiba programs I can or should uninstall let me know. :?

Oh and if anyone has a solution to the stupid stuttering problem with Vista and Geforce 7900 that would be greatly appreciated also. :D 

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March 25, 2007 4:28:13 PM

It sounds like your system is very well optimized. Read up on SuperFetch. Vista will use up all available memory. It's taking advantage of all of that free memory that is just sitting there, but it gives it back real fast.

I have a 4G system (with nothing running) and I only have 76M free, until I want it. Also, I have a 6G pagefile with a 4G readyboost flash-drive, Word and Outlook load (literally,) immediately.
March 25, 2007 4:51:45 PM

Yeah I was getting worried about the memory issue since it said mine had 23mb free. Thanks for clearing that up. My paging file say 2345 and recomended 3047. Should I put as the recommended? Could you tell me what toshiba programs I don't need on the laptop? It seems to be cluttered with programs. there are programs like desktop dialer, volume indicator, and many more.
March 25, 2007 5:31:26 PM

I really don't know much about Toshiba notebooks (I had one about 10 yrs ago...). But generally, if I don't use one of the supplied utilities (anything coming from creative, yahoo, google...), I either don't install it or remove it right away. I always check 'startup' in both my ID and 'All Users' after loading new software.

Vista has much better and much more usable help. Bring up help on the desktop and look up 'startup' (60 hits). There are several regarding performance and startup.

There is a tool in 'Windows Defender' that will list ALL of the startup programs. The unfortunate thing is you have to turn on Windows Defender to get to it. I just turn it on, run the program, and then turn it off again (I use Norton 360 for virus and firewall).

The 'Defender' tool is a dummied-down version of 'autoruns' which (if you are persistent) you can find on in one of the developer areas ( Autoruns will give you information on EVERYTHING started from EVERYWHERE in your system.