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I'm not sure wether this has been asked, but is DX11 oin Win7? The current build? And can you play games like Crysis and Farcry in DX11? It's probably a dumb question, but I'm curious.
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  1. DX11 will be in Vista SP2 - which was just released to manufacturing. After a short interval for testing, the service pack will be available to Vista users via Windows Update.

    DX11 will also be available in Win 7, though I don't believe it's in the beta builds.

    As far as games - To take advantage, the game needs to be written to use it and you also need a DX11 graphics card.
  2. Dont hold your breath for anything great from dx11 for a long time.
    DX10 has only just got its feat under the table, and XP users are holding on to DX9 for dear life. Cant say I blame them.
  3. I can.
  4. it is on the betas and 7100
  5. DX11 is suppose to bring a number of API improvements that don't necessarily need the GPU. The big feature is that it's suppose to make it easy for developers to thread such things as AI, physics, and scene rendering to take advantage of multiple cores and threads, all without the painful complex coding. We'll see if it pans out or not.
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