What card to get......

I am needing a new graphics card and not sure which way to go....

I have a 3.0P4 with 1.5g of RAM (good asus mobo), I have a 9600 now and need somthing new for my new games (fear and company of heros).

It needs to be AGP I will build new next year about this time (birthday) and cant afford to now.

Would a 1950pro be overkill for my system and a 7600gt be more budget friendly and still play well. I know anything will be a big improvement over what I have now.

I am leaning toward the HIS1950pro....

Thank for any help

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  1. x1950PRO is much better than the 7600 as I'm sure you know. But you may have to fork out extra cash for a Power Supply.

    For a x1950PRO, you need a PSU with:
    26 Amps on the 12V rails minimum
    30+Amps recommended
  2. thanks....just looked into that...seems mine would not be quite strong enough


    would the 7800gs be the next best card without haveing to change PS?


  3. Seconded. The x1950 may be bottlenecked by the CPU in some games but it will shine in others. It's definitely much better than the 7600gt. Here's an example where the x1950 is acceptable and the 7600gt isn't:


    I'd add some RAM to a total of 2 GB too, if the mobo allows it.
  4. Either an X1650XT, 7600GT, or a 7800GS would give you a huge boost. The 7800GS is only the better card if you're into OCing. At stock they all perform very similar.
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