Linksys WMP54G Drivers (XP Pro x64!)

I am having a terrible time trying to find drivers for the Linksys WMP54G pci network card for XP pro x64. It seems that Linksys havent produced anything yet, and all the other drivers I've used so far havent worked. I'm not sure which version of the WMP54G I have, but the Linksys tech support told me that if the box doesnt show a version # next to the model #, then it is version 1.

Does anybody know a way to get my card working on XP pro x64?
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  1. Bump - Please, I need help with this.
  2. I had the same problem with my WMP54G wireless adapter, since linksys does not provide a 64 bit OS compatible driver. I found (through Google and Linksys live chat) that the v4.1 device uses the ralink 2561 / RT61 chip.
    here is a link to the driver:


    install and use device manager to locate the driver
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\RALINK\RT6x Wireless LAN Card\Driver\~"

    Since you are using an older version of the WMP54G you might try older ralink drivers if this doesnt work
  3. I found drivers and put them on my site. Go to click on Articles, Computers and it's in that list. Good luck!
  4. I have the same problem a you i have a linksys wmp54g v4.1 i read here that i coud get it running on my win-64 operating system with the ralink driver so i downloaded the software and install it. i uninstall the software from linksys en the driver from linksy with the device maneger but now when i try to update the driver with device maneger it keeps asking fore netr6164 on the cd from linksys en when i instal this the problem with the network card stays can somone help me howe to update the ralink drivers to my network card tank and sory fore my bad english.

    Download version 2

    This is the only driver that i downloaded the actually worked for me. if it doesnt work for you guys and gals try all the 4 diffrent versions one of them has got to work.... good luck.

    P.S. If this doesnt work for you email me at "" I found my network card installation cd I can zip it right up and send it to you via email or torrent/ftp whatever!
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