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Every so often, I've been seeing a "Windows Installer ... Preparing to install" message after boot-up. It sits there without doing anything; moments later, it's trying to install Roxio Media Experience. I click on Cancel to make it go away. After another re-boot, it pops up again.
I've had Roxio EMC 9 for several months now, but this is the first time it's happening. I've installed the latest version of Windows Installer, but that didn't help at all.
I've even unchecked DMXLauncher.EXE out of StartUp, but when I re-boot, my system states that I've made some changes in the configuration, prompting me to place the check mark again next to DMXLauncher.EXE. (Weird, huh?!?!)
I've now completed a fresh re-install of my Windows XP OS and all my other apps; however, I did not install Roxio yet. To my surprise, I am not seeing those annoying "preparing to install" messages. I'd like to continue to use the Roxio software, but I'm uncertain that if I re-install it, the "preparing to install" messages may reappear again.
Anyone experienced this issue before? If so, can you provide any insight/suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.
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  1. I've run into this with various versions of Easy Media Creator and it was usually because of either a conflict with another program, usually a video editing program, or when deleting a video editing program I deleted a shared audio component, can't remember what it was. You should not run into the problem installing it unless you have another video editing program installed. Video editing programs do not play well together and if you're using a second program, I would not install the video editing components in the Roxio program.
  2. I am having the same problem, at every boot up Roxio tries to load, even though I removed it months ago.

    I must go to the task manager\applications and end the task.

    Can anyone help with this extremely annoying problem? How do I stop the automatic attempts to install?
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