2 routers, one using WEP, other Using WPA - How to setup?

I currently have two routers a DIR-655 and a DI 624. I want to setup the DIR-655 with WPA2 encryption, and I want the DI 624 to be setup to use WEP encryption. The reason for the WEP is that I have wireless Camera's and a tivo that only have WEP capability (and no I don't wish to purchase the TIVO wireless adapter to enable WPA protection).

My question is how do I go about setting this up so that all the devices and computers can use the WPA encyrption, but still enable the camera's to work using WEP?

My initial connection with everything using WEP works fine, the problem I have is when I try to add the new DIR-655 router I don't know how to connect both the routers so that I can get the network design that I want.

Initially I connected the DIR-655 directly to the cable modem, and changed all the defaults to my network defaults, and I attempted to just turn off DHCP server on the DI 624 and assign it a static address of I entered the DI 624 address as a DMZ for the DIR-655. and I left the old router settings for ports and what not on the DI 624 as it was when it was the only router.

I wasn't sure if I should be using one of the LAN ports on the DIR-655 to connect to the WAN port of the DI 624, or if I should just use a LAN port to LAN port connection, or get a crossover cable.

Ideally what I am looking to do is have the Camera's connect to the DI 624 with WEP and every other device connect to the DIR-655 via WPA/WPA2.

Can someone help me figure this out? I am assuming that if I am going to use the DIR-655 for the direct connection to the cable modem that I will need to enable port forwarding to the DI-624.

How do I go about setting up the wireless settings such as SSID, and such? Do I use the same SSID? channel?

I tried looking over the net and a google for a mixed security network environment setup using WEP & WPA but I am not that great at searching so I didn't find much.
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  1. Make the DIR-655 your main router. On the the DI-624, disable DHCP and set the IP address to be in the same range as the DIR-655 (ie: Connect the CAT5 cable from a local port on the DIR-655 to a local port on the DI-624. You'll need different SSID's for each router but all devices will be on the same subnet.

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