Newegg repeatedly sending out used goods instead of new

I've read a number of stories about folks bad experiences with Newegg, specifically being sent out pre-used goods, and I've read the replies which usually defend Newegg, saying that it's a "mix-up in the distribution center - returned goods were probably put back in with new goods in error" genuine mistake. I'm finding it incredibly hard to believe that sending out used goods under the guise of new in hope that the customer won't notice is not an intentional Newegg strategy.

Two years ago I ordered some parts from Newegg to build a new machine. Of the three parts I ordered, two had clearly been used already, both advertised as new. I decided to go elsewhere for future purchases.

Fast forward to about a month ago and I decide to give them another shot after two years, maybe things have improved or I was just unlucky. I ordered a headset and a mouse, both advertised as new. Lo and behold, there's a problem - the mouse is clearly pre-used. Usage scratches all over the bottom, marks on the sides, one of the main two buttons is somewhat 'unhinged', and the 'gunk' that you get on the bottom of your mouse after usage (like the gunk you used to get on the mouse mouseball rollers back in the day), and random small pieces of dust/debris in the joins of the mouse. It's hard to see from the so-so photos I was able to take, but it looks like it's been used before for a number of months.

I've been in touch with Newegg support, I sent them pics of the mouse (their request) and then I've returned the mouse to them with their agreement. They've had it for a week now and still no reply so I phoned them up to ask. They still haven't looked at it and say it'll take another 15 days.

Not only have I been given a used mouse, I get the feeling I'm being given the runaround by their support. Are they looking to go past the 30 day return guarantee and then pull some dirty trick that it's too late to get a full refund? Make no mistake, I want a full refund.

Anyone any suggestions on how to proceed? Any Newegg reps on the forum? It's only a mouse but I'm getting tired of being repeatedly jerked around by Newegg.

Photos here of the mouse immediately after unpackaging:

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  1. I also had bad luck with newegg...i bought or i thought i bought 2 case fans from them and use online debit..Two days later i notices i had no emails to confirm i bought these fans and they did take my money so i called then and they had no clue were my money went and they try to tell me i was trying to pull a scam..So i was even thinking on small claims court but 5 days later i got a deposit from them...Then my bank called me telling me i shouldnt deal with them because they had a bad rating with scotia bank because they were pulling on people what happen to me and a pile of other problem so with banks they do have a bad rating..
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