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I use the 64 bit with a 8800gts 640mb factory o.c. and when I play certain games like hl2 deatmatch I get horizontal distortion lines across the whole screen. Some games I get nuthin. Is this a bad card or vista or perhaps the games themselves.
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  1. What version of the driver? The current 'official' WHQL driver (version 100.65) has a lot of known problems. It might be certified by Microsoft, but that doesn't mean it's feature-complete. It only means that Microsoft doesn't think it'll crash your system.

    There's a newer Beta driver (101.45) that fixes a lot of gaming problems.

    That said, the 101.45 causes *tons* of blue screens of death for me when watching xvid videos.
  2. I have 100.65 from nvidia. I tried drivers from guru3d but it made the p.c. crash every time I loade hl2 deathmatch. where do you get the beta drivers?
  3. You can get them on the regular nVidia drivers page...

    Click on the "BETA Drivers" link. (It's easy to miss.)
  4. It says 101.41 for vista/64. Is this ok. also, what is rivatuner and how can it help,...thanx
  5. 101.41? Yeah, that's them. I was mistaken when I said 101.45.

    Rivatuner can be used to monitor the temperature of a video card. (Amongst other things.). I've been unable to get it to run under 64-bit. Let us know if you can.
  6. yea, I cant get it to run either. thanx
  7. does vista 64 automatically run WoW64 when it detects a 32bit only app?
  8. sabot00 said:
    does vista 64 automatically run WoW64 when it detects a 32bit only app?

    Yes. I run 32 bit applications without any extra steps.
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