Please help me decide what RAM I should get!

Hi all,

I am planning to get me a new system very soon, and I'm having trouble deciding what RAM I should get.

This Kingston HyperX RAM...



The OCZ RAM is cheaper but only sold in 1x1GB sets so I won't have Dual-Channel, whilst the Kingston RAM is Dual-Channel.

Oh and before you ask, the vendor I want to buy from has a rather Limited supply, so that's why I can't get OCZ RAM in 2x512 sets (I'm sure it is somewhere, right?)


Is the Dual-Channel worth it?
I am not going to upgrade soon and will be OC'ing a little.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
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  1. I'm going to bump this, I am waiting to order...
  2. Dual Channel does matter. But why are u only buying 1024MB? Is it enough.. are u sure u dont want 2048MB for a new PC?

    And what PC is it? Do u plan to overclock? Do u care about timings..?

    I need more info.
  3. It is for a budget PC, thus the reason I am going for 1024MB. I already said I am going to OC, and the 2 RAM's both have CAS 4, and that's what I want.

    The real question is, If I am not going to upgrade very soon, is the Dual-Channel set of Kingston worth it? I can't seem to find any review about those partical sticks.
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