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Here is the deal: I know what I'm doing with the cabling, technically speaking. But getting the cable from point a to point b in my house is a bear, and I'm wondering if any of you have any tips for someone as lazy as I am.

There is space above the ceiling, but the roof has a relatively low pitch, so there is not much room. Further, the central A/C system supply and return ducts run down the spine of the long, ranch style house, further blocking off the only part of the attic I can really fit in. Any ideas of how to fish or manipulate network cable 35 or so feet away from where you can reach? And, I have to be careful of the A/C ducts too. They are very nice steel ducts that are well insulated, but they are old, and the outer layer of paper on the insulation can't take much abrasion. The termite inspection guy, who was smaller than I am couldn't get very far in there either.

The house has real (not laminates on concrete) oak floors, and sits on a perimeter foundation with a crawlspace underneath. So, I could probably crawl under it and run the cables that way. However, I am in Florida, home of many really gross crawly things, and I am also somewhat claustrophobic.

I'd really welcome any ideas that you might have.
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  1. Get a fish:

    Shop around; that was just the first google return. BTW: don't waste time/money with connectors, just masking tape the cat to the fish.

    If you go under the house, have someone video it (utube) LOL
  2. Call the cable company with a "problem", when the guy comes to fix it ask him what about running an extra line for ya. Peace :twisted:
  3. Interesting idea Jeepn, but . . . I live kind of out in the woods. Cable TV ends about 2 miles up the main road from me, so I'm out of luck on that one.
  4. Buy Cat5e plenum and run a cable outside your house. It'll cost you some extra cash but you wouldn't have to worry about crawling through anything. Buy black or whatever color you want, run it outside around the house, under the gutter, whereever, then run it back in the house.

    You mentioned you don't have cable.. I was going to say just run the line with the cable lines but that's out of the picture now.

    You don't even really need plenum. You could just use regular cable for all that it matter.

    Even then, you could go with a WAP since you're out in the middle of no where.
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