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I'm sure all of you know what system restore is. Well, Windows allows up to 15% of your hard drive space to be used for system restores. This didn't seem to be that much of a problem with XP. I never really even noticed it.

I was reading stuff online, and I wanted to delete some of those system restores. (I have a 74 gigabyte raptor, so I'm a little low on space) So I went to do it, and I had 10 gigs of system restores!!! That's all 15% allowed.

Other people have reported this as well. I read where one guy had a 500 gigabyte hard drive and vista had used all 15% for system restores. That's 65 gigabytes!

I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but I thought other people a little low on space might want to check it out.

Just open the start menu and search for cleanup. It'll come right up. Then go to "more options" and you will see it.

It's only surprising to me because I've only had vista for a couple weeks. I'm surprised it used up all 15% that fast.
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  1. Pretty cool eh? System backups automatically occur daily and every time you do an installation. I know you can tone that down a bit if you dont want the security and I know you can turn down the amount of space that is being set aside. I am seriously thinking of increasing mine to around 250G as I am making a lot of changes right now and having the extra backup sounds nice.
  2. I couldn't really find a place to change the settings on it. I know you could do it in XP, but I don't know how in Vista.

    I don't really see that much of a need for the system restore though. I haven't ever used it. Plus I don't have that much on my computer right now anyway. I would just have to install all my games and stuff if I needed to reinstall.

    As long as you aren't using that 250 Gigs, I think it's fine. There really isn't a reason not too. I just liked seeing my free space go from 25 gigs to 35 gigs. :D
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    You manage it through 'control panel', 'system', 'system prtection'. You can't set the actual percentage or time but you can manage the individual drives. I have 3 volumes at 500G, 1T, and 750G (bunch of 500G drives in a matrix raid config) and I am considering turning on the 1T while the updates continue...
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