Please help me remove a trojan.

Spysweeoer keeps finding this trojan( on my PC. I remove it and next time i do a scan it finds it again. How can I get rid of this for good. And also how dangerous is this trojan?? From what ive read it tries to get your passwords for onnline banking and finacial websites?? i dont do any banking onnline, but I still dont like the idea that i cant seem to get rid of it. Please help.
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  1. Look at the XP instructions in this guide
    The article is about removing a different trojan but you can get the idea.

    For which stuff delete, follow this link and click the Advanced tab for details.

    Good Luck !
  2. hi there, i have exactly the same symptoms and the same problems as you i also seem to detect on spysweeper that the pws banker is on my system when i remove it after a few days it reappears on my system and spysweeper continues to block traffic to certain sites, although i dont know which program is making my pc access those certain sites, im sure its the trojan, i have analysed the removal procedure and it looks very difficult and long windeed indeed, is there no easier way round this? it has affected me for at least a month now, and i want to remove it asap? any programs or help will be duley appreciated!!

  3. Im not sure exactly how I did it but I got rid of the Trojan from my system. Spysweeper quarantined it and then I manually deleted the file and then I did a complete cleaning of my system. So far it hasnt returned and its been a few weeks since my first post , so I think i got it. At least I know all the security software I have installed is working:) I use a combination of NOD32(A/V), Spysweeper(spyware), Zone Alarm Pro(firewall) for real time protection as well as Peerguardian2 when im downloading. I usually try to scan with Spysweeper and Nod32 every few days, and like twice a month ill scan with some other virus/spyware programs(Kaspersky, Micrsoft live scanner, Adaware..etc) just to make sure everything is clean. I may be a bit crazy about security, but before i got serious bout security I got a virus which led to me losing over 300gigs of music files that took me months to rip, compress(flac), scan artwork....etc and I said I would never let that happen again. Anyways good luck with getting ur system clean. Try scanning with spysweeper again and deleting the file, do you know where u got the infected file from??
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