Better processor or better VGA?

So i'm planing to buy a new pc so here are the components:

mobo-asus p5n-e sli
cpu-intel core2duo e4300 or e6600
ram-a-data 1gb 6400
vga-asus 8800gts 320mb or 640mb

So my question is what will be better for me e6600 with 8800gts 320mb
or the e4300 with 8800gts 640mb, and this system is for high-res gaming.

Thanks for any advice!
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  1. How many forums did you post this in?
  2. Video card is better for gaming by far.
  3. Depends on what resolution you are planning on gaming in...
  4. 8800 GTS doesnt have much of a performance difference between the 320 and 640 versions, so I'd get the 320 there. On the cpu side the E4300 can be overclocked more than the E6600 but if you dont want to do massive overclocking I'd go with the 320 8800 GTS and the E6600.
  5. Since there isn't much difference between 320MB & 640MB at lower resolution than 1600x1200, go with E6600+8800GTS 320MB. 8)
  6. Define high rez. 16x12 on up go with the 640
  7. He said high resolutions, so I'm assuming he'd want the 640 version. Besides, just overclock that e4300, it's supposed to overclock like a beast.
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