System Shock 2 can't run.

Not sure if this should go in games, but ill ask anyway. When I run System Shock 2 on my new PC it gives me an error that my video card dosent accuratly report Direct3D memory usage. It then tells me it may be my drivers. It loads the Start Screen and I an go into options and load game and stuff, it just wont actually run the game. My PC is 7900GTX, X2 4800+, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 250GB HD. I think it may be my videocard drivers, but I cant find any new ones on Nvidia site, although I may just be bad at browsing.
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  1. Yeah, you can't really miss the drivers page at nVidia. It's the first link in the menu bar. You could always try re-installing the drivers. nVidia always recommends that you uninstall your previous drivers before installing the new ones, so try that.

    Another option is to re-install DirectX.

    And lastly, you could check to see if System Shock 2 has an OpenGL option.
  2. Thanks.
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