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I recently purchased a new Dell Laptop and need to install some antivirus software on it. Its got plenty of power but Vista is a massive resource hog so i would like to keep the amount of resources my antivirus/Firewall uses to a minimum. The Specs of the compouter are:

Dell E1505
2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo
2GB of Memory
256MB Geforce 7300 Video card
Vista Home Premium

I've allready tried AVG Free and it dosent work that great. When i tested it out it used a lot of memory on startup and struggles to detect and delete viruses and spyware.

I am willing to pay for the program too so i'm open to any siggestions.

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  1. Quote:

    ...struggles to detect and delete viruses and spyware.

    Virus software is a religeous affair and everyone has their own opinion. I have a couple questions...

    What is your test-bed? I mean, I wouldn't even know how to start a private test operation like that. Do you just run your new notebook for a couple of days and then run something that does work, counting the number of infections it found? Are you just hooking up to some university intra-net or do you have a private test-bed environment with a lot of infected machines?

    Have you tried the same test on the build-in virus and firewall software and if so what were the results?
  2. I'm using AVG Free but I haven't looked at how much memory it eats up at boot up.

    Until Vista I always use norton, but that has always seem to be a big system hog.

    I've heard a lot of people like NOD32 but haven't tried it myself but i think I'm going to give it a shot
  3. I use the AVG free version on several of my computers. all seem to work well, have not had a problem of them overloading memory.

    XP pros and win98 computers.

  4. I prefer Panda... if you go with the Antivirus + Firewall, you can get one that is compatible with Vista. It'll be a little while yet before their Internet Security is ready for Vista.
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