Need help interpreting temp readings

Hey all,

I am simply trying to determine what the different temps on SpeedFan mean. I was convinced that Temp1 was Tjunction, but after putting it under load from Prime95, T2 increased to close to 50C while T1 stayed around 45C. I simply can't believe that my Tjunction (or whatever it is, not so sure now) is only 16C at idle. Thanks for your help.

All temps at idle
CoreTemp (just for information)

Tjunction: 85C
Core 0: 23C
Core 1: 24C

TAT (just for information)


Temp1: 45C
Temp2: 16C
Temp3: -1C
HD0: 36C
Core 0: 23C
Core 1: 24C

E4300 @ 1.8ghz
2GB PC 5300
GIGABYTE DS3 (rev 1.3)
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  1. dude u need more info with this data - it means nothing with out all the specs :twisted:
  2. Quote:
    dude u need more info with this data - it means nothing with out all the specs :twisted:

    I actually remembered I hadn't done this as I was drifting off to sleep last night. :(

    Original post has been updated to include system specs.
  3. Quote:
    First you need to understand where speedfan gets the temps from. The Core temps are coming dirrectly from the CPU. Of cource the HDD temps are coming from the S.M.A.R.T system that monitors your HDDs. All the rest of the information Speedfan gets comes from a chip on the motherboard resposible for monitoring temps, fan speed, and voltage. Now not all the information Speedfan gets from this chip is supported by your motheboard. Speedfan checks the chip for every kind of reading the chips are able to supply. If the motherboard dosn't have that temp reading then speedfan getts whatever informationit can and displays it. Your best bet will be to use the monitoring software that came with the motherboard and compair it's temps to Speedfan. Then you will know what temps are for what items.

    Chances are that 16c isn't a supported temp. Most likly Temp 1 is the only one that is supported unless your system is able to monitor the temps of the chipset. This dosn't apear to be the case.

    I went into the BIOS last night after I started this thread and checked my motherboard's software utility (Easy Tune 5), and both noted my CPU temp as ~11-14c, which would match up with SpeedFan's Temp2, but in reality I cannot believe this.

    Also, TAT reports ~33-34 at idle. So, nothing really seems to be matching up and it's driving me a little bananas.

    To give a little more background, I'm simply trying to monitor my computer's temps as I'd like to do a little overclocking and want to have as accurate an indication of my CPU temps as possible. I have indeed read the Core 2 Temperature Guide several times, but unfortunately it still doesn't help explain why my Tcase is always around 12C.
  4. Well, after thinking about it, it may be that my CPU temp needs to be offset by ~15C in SpeedFan. Going by the guide, my 965 chipset could be reading the Tcase incorrectly. With a 15C offset, this would make Tcase ~9C less than Tjunction, and ~3 more than ambient, which makes a heck of a lot more sense.

    Obviously if I'm going to be OCing, I'm going to be keeping an eye on TAT for my Tjunction scores, which increase ~15C under load. I just want to be sure that my Tjunction score is getting read correctly, especially when CoreTemp reads it ~12C cooler. So confusing.
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