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well ive decided to build a new computer and these are the parts i have decided to purchase. it will be mostly for gaming and i do plan to overclock eventualy.

c2d e4300
8800gts (320mb)
2gb g.skill ddr2-800
160gb sata2 hdd
gigabyte 965p-ds3 (rev 3.3)
raidmax ninja case
520w psu

im trying to keep costs down at the same time as making a decent gaming system that will last, please post what you think and/or any improvement that could be made. thnx
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  1. did a good job of building to budget and needs. Never trust a genaric PSU, but yours could be fine.
  2. Looks Good. No to Vista, I assume? OS is a big factor at this point.
  3. yes i was thinking of getting vista, just to complete the whole dx10 package. also the gpu im looking at is from msi, how are they compared to evga, xfx and bfg?
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