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I installed Vista Home Premium yesterday, in a dual-boot setup with XP-Pro.

No problems with the installation. No error messages or anything.

Now I'm trying to get all the hardware to work. I've got the HP-7350 printer to work using the alternate driver that HP says to use, but I've got a problem with getting my Epson scanner to work.

On the Epson site, they have a Twain driver for the Perfection-1660 scanner, but the rest of the software on the installation CD won't install.

Is there a generic software for scanners, that I could download and install along with the Twain driver from Epson, to make this thing work?

I'd think about buying a new scanner, but I've bought enough toys lately, that the wife is giving me a dangerous look if I even mention going to Fry's any time soon.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!
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    If you get the driver to install and recognize the Epson as a scanner, then Vista's built-in scanner software will allow you to use it natively as a scanner without the need of extra scanning apps. Some HP all-in-one's, for example, work well this way because their scanning capabilities are recognized, while other HPs don't scan at all because they only get recognized as printers/fax machines, even using HP scanning software. From what I've tested so far, if the Epson is not recognized as a scanner by Vista, then the other generic scanning software should not work.
  2. I did get the scanner to work last night. I managed to find the setup wizard for the scanner and after a period of Vista insisting that I was installing a Xerox scanner, I finally beat it into submission and it showed me the list of scanners it had software for, and the Epson 1660 was on the list.
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