Video encoding cluster?

is it or are there any video encoding programs out there that allow for a small scale cluster over a local network to reduce video encoding times?
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  1. You could do a lot worse than have a look at something like cluster knoppix and dvd::rip. dvd::rip does include a cluster option but I have no experience of using it.

    dvd::rip home page

    What are you trying to do.. Batch conversion between formats or a big rip of your DVD collection?
  2. batch conversion between formats mostly
  3. Quote:

    Media Encoding Cluster
    this is the first Open Source, Plattform Independent Video Encoding Cluster
    currently for Linux and Windows (Mac currently in planning).
    please Visit our Webpage

    any suggestions are Welcome,
    have a look to

    Thanks for any input or replies.
  4. You might want to check this out too, it's a LiveCD:
  5. Adding to the list above,

    another more recent windows application for distributed cluster dvd/video encoding

    xCode Parallel Encoder
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