8800gtx and Swiftech MCW60 GPU Block

Hey all I wonder if any of you have any ideas to help me efficiently and safely cool the memory and vrm's on the GTX using the above waterblock.
The waterblock is itself great keeping the GPU under 50 degrees on load. However the block only covers the core and doesn't provide any cooling for the rest of the card.

On one of my other GTX cards I set this block up with the memory heatsinks provided by Swiftech, unfortunatley they are crap. The adhesive on them is insufficient to keep them stuck to the card and they kept falling off. The worst thing was that I had to keep resticking them onto the memory and eventually I damaged one of the memory chips so I don't want to use this option again.

I could of course just by a different block which cools the rest of the card, however I hear that the performance of these blocks isnt any better than the Swiftech and they are pretty expensive.

So I have 3 options.

1: I could by some thermal paste which permanently bonds the heatsinks to the memory chips. For obvious reasons I would prefer not to do this and I'm not even sure such a thermal paste exists.

2: I could attach a fan at the back of my case to suck in air form the outside and blow it over the card. Is this sufficient.

3: I could just leave the card with the waterblock on. Again I'm not sure if this is such a good idea with the amount of heat generated by the card.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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  1. Thanks for the link. And yes the block does look very nice.

    Regrettably I live in the UK where companies like to rip us off, over here the equivelant price is $180.00 (approx £90.00) whereas in the US its around $90.00 (£45.00) just another example of the UK being milked!!

    Thanks anyway:D
  2. Sorry to hear that. :(
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