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Hi All,

Did anyone familiar with AVG anti-virus?i have face a problem, my pc was attack by virus call trojan horse Generic3.HYR, so i download the AVG and install to my pc,then i run scan computer. After scan complete the AVG was found a file call pagefile.exe in my c:, the AVG direct delete the file which kill the virus.But the problem is when i double click the c: in "my computer" it pop-up a screen ask me open with...
So, can anyone help me how to fix it so that i can double click the c: and go inside.Now i using right click and click open to go inside my c: drive.
another problem is my internet explorer got problem which everytime i click IE and the IE automatically go to got virus web page,i have change the default web address to yahoo.com but it still go to this web address http://www.d766.com which content virus web site,so anyone can teach me to slove this problem.

All this thing really make me trouble,hope you all can help me,thanks.
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  1. If you haven't done so, download and install As Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy. Both are free. Go into Safemode and log on as Administrator and run both programs, one after the other. Also run AVG again in Safemode. Be sure you do updates before you go into safemode
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