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My 1GB Cruzer Tititanium drive lights up, but windows does not recognize it when i plug it into the back of my PC. Apparently these Sandisk drives are notorius for dying. I've searched the web and tried the HP utility, other PCs, to no avail. Sadly I need the data from the drive otherwise I would just throw it out. What else can I do to try to fix?
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  1. That sucks. I don't know off hand but Google around. Also try calling their support if available. People that hang out on tech forums such as may have ideas also. I'm sure there are some data recovery utilities that may advertise working on thumb drives. Good luck!
  2. Are you running window XP or vista? XP has problem detecting USB flash drive if it is plug into a hub that has long cable. The PC will detect the USB if you plug it directly into the USB port build into the mother board.

    I had this same problem when my pc was running XP sp2. Some Flash memory have bugs the prevent window from detecting it.
  3. Pull out USB key, reboot PC, try again.

    Had this issue very recently and it worked for me.
  4. XP/Vista should be seeing it, it just might be using one of the existing drive letters. This normally happens if you have more then one CD/DVD drive or other devices taking etra drive lettrs.

    Go to Control PAnel -> Admin Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.
    Look at one of your cd-roms, normally the last one, and see if your usb is listed. If it is, right click on it and change the drive letter. I normally anything after J. now whenever you plug it in, it will always that the drive letter you gave it.
    If that doesn't work try manually loading the drivers.

    Hope this helps. :D
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